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Top 6 Books that will Inspire you if you're a Gamer

Top 6 Books that will Inspire you if you're a Gamer

March 29, 2022

What is it that you want to accomplish today? Is it a plan you've thought of for a long time or is it something that just popped into your mind? Don't know where to start? We got you covered with the help of several authors that can share with you some of their wisdom.

Life is like a videogame that comes with no tutorial, but there's always someone who's already a few levels ahead and is generous enough to share some cheat codes with the rest of us. Take a look at these cheats, ahem books, that will inspire you to go after those goals you have in mind.

CHOOSE YOURSELF, by James Altucher

This is a brief book that embodies years and years of failures and successes in Altucher's life. One of its basic notions is to let yourself try things, it doesn't matter if you fail. Put yourself first, ahead of everything else, and allow yourself to grow, create, inspire, and —ultimately— be happy and reach your goals. Kind of what one does when one has to improve their character in an RPG game.

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NETWORKING KARMA, by Gail Tolstoi-Miller

Sure, most videogames rely on the social element, but for the introverts who prefer solo adventures, this book may help them out opening up. It's just that building a professional or personal network around us might be a hard thing to do when we consider ourselves as introverts. The good news is that the author of this book is in that same spot herself and is willing to share her secrets to overcome awkwardness and discomfort when interacting with other human beings.



Sometimes, when thinking about success our mind focuses on wealth, possessions and achievements to flaunt in front of the world. But, as it turns out, it's also important to be human and kind. This speech from Saunders to a graduating batch from Syracuse University became very popular because of its mix of honest, fun and inspiring ideas not just for work, but for life itself. Think of this author as that character that unravels the secrets of a game for you to understand the world you're about to delve into.


UNF*CK YOUR BRAIN, by Faith Harper

Quick! Think of a situation in which your brain —just like a lagging connection in a MMO— worked against you and put you in disadvantage? Has it happened more than once? Does it happen because of anxiety, anger, depression or other kinds of mental freak-outs? Then, just grab this book and learn how to overcome those blocks. It won't be easy, of course, but patience and perseverance will make a difference.

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SHOW YOUR WORK!, by Austin Kleon

In 10 simple chapters, Kleon will share his view on how to build a community where your work, your passion or your interest are the core. In more than one way, we're all creative and we're all capable of being discovered by the world. He says "it's not self-promotion, it's self discovery", which makes the whole process quite interesting.

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Sometimes all we need to get the ball rolling is a simple, yet effective, push. And this book is exactly that. This is Dr. Seuss' last written gift to the world and what a gift it is! Life itself is precisely like an open-world adventure and limitations only exist if we set them up. Give this book a read —it'll go by fast— and you'll receive a healthy dose of confidence and inspiration to start realizing or complete that idea that's bouncing in your mind.

Buy OH, THE PLACES YOU'LL GO! from Amazon.

There you have it! Read away and get the job done. We’re sure it’ll be easier with the aid of this knowledge wizards. Be sure to follow us on social media and become a part of our Kosmic Dust community where you can find and share some other cool insights.

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