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About us

The Launch


In 2017, shortly before Luis Vazalf's second daughter was born, doctors gave him a lousy prognosis; it was likely that his baby girl would be born with complications. That night, he went for a walk and promised the cosmos that he would work to help other people... And magic happened.

Since then, he has mixed his knowledge and experience, passion for technology, and enthusiasm for freedom. In 2020 he created Kosmic Tribes.

Today, Kosmic Tribes is a technology company created in the United States by him and other digital nomads to generate economic, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being for other digital natives. Kosmic Dust is the first business incubated by Kosmic Tribes.


The Mission  


We are a tribe of digital nomads moved by self-love. Our energy is focused on you because we believe in your potential to find the best version: improving yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, your finances, and your environment.

We are committed to evolution, which means there will be no limit to where this journey occurs. We hope by giving guidance and support along the way, you can start your own path, too, to realize you are unique, powerful, and unstoppable. 

We truly believe that digital tribes need to see themselves as whole beings capable and entitled to look after their own needs and beliefs. 

We are utterly sure technology is part of the way. Our commitment as digital creators is to promote this message through innovation while also being human enough for faithfulness to entrepreneurism. 

We want to make your world a healthier, more prosperous one. A fuller experience of comfort or creativity with technology that complements human intuition for an infinite Kosmos of possibilities. 


The Crew


Luis Vazalf

Entrepreneur. Finances. Strategy. Inquiring mind.
Music and technology. Nomad.
"Everything is in your head."


Gris Mora

Entrepreneur. Enthusiastic.
Order and execution.
"It's time you realized that you have something in you more powerful and miraculous than the things that affect you and make you dance like a puppet."
Marcus Aurelius


Diana Vazquez

Journalist. Dreamer. Books.
Process and discipline.
"Think big, work hard, trust yourself, and make it happen."