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We Stand for Peace and Freedom


Russia's invasion of Ukraine has shocked the world. Millions of people have been forced to leave their homes and loved ones, fleeing war for their lives. Some others have stayed on the battlefront to defend their territory and sovereignty.

The region's situation is chaotic, so we wanted to join the emergency call of civil and international organizations and support the victims of the war. For this reason, Kosmic Dust will donate all the profits from the first month of the launch of our supplements.

Some of our main goals are the health, well-being, and happiness of all people. It really hurts us that this possibility has been taken away from millions. No one should be a victim of violence or oppression. We all have the right to security, freedom, and peace to develop our full human potential.

Our community of gamers, streamers, content creators, and other digital tribes condemns any form of oppression, bullying, mistreatment, or tyranny. Our responsibility is to act according to our values ​​and be consistent, supporting Ukraine and its citizens in this cruel, unequal, and unlawful war.

Supporting refugees

Kosmic Dust is working with UNHCR to ensure that our help reaches those who need it most. This agency is doing an incredible job in the refugee crisis, mainly helping children, youth, women, and the elderly find shelter, food, and safety. The profits will be donated to this organization, which works with civil society organizations in the different countries receiving displaced persons.

Once we have made the donation, we will publish the information through our different channels so that everyone can have the security that their support is on the way.

Kosmic Dust is committed to generating changes in individuals and, therefore, in societies. We join our voice and thoughts to all those fighting for a better world, with communities and people in peace, freedom, security, and happiness.

To learn more please visit the UN Refugee Agency.


     The Kosmic Team