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The Best Tips and Hacks to Improve your Physical Health

The Best Tips and Hacks to Improve your Physical Health

April 05, 2022

We should always look after our body, after all we only got one. Here are some good tips on what to consider when trying to stay active and be more healthy.

Which ones of these good habits do you already have in your life? Is there any other hack you've learned along the way about physical health? Read our list of them and tell us about the ones you would add.


The first step into improving physical health is to work with your body. Everything we do relies on the general state of our organism. Little changes at first can make a great difference when you add them up. Move your furniture at home so it motivates you to be more active, or take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. Try to find exercising spots everywhere and if you're going to a gym, find a partner that shares your interests. Movement is a top priority.


Besides movement, whatever we eat also takes a vital toll on our physical appearance. Drink enough water and follow a balanced diet, avoiding eating processed foods and beverages excessively. Try to eat as fresh as possible, whether it's fruits, poultry, beans, vegetables, meat, seeds or fish. Don't forget to eat a good amount of fiber, since your colon will appreciate it. Keep away from sugars and keep an eye on the kind of fats that you intake. Look for professional assistance to have a better understanding of the actual and specific needs of your body.


As any machine, our body does require maintenance. Although doctors may be scary or trigger your anxiety, there's nothing better than regular check-ups. Schedule an annual physical and visit your dentist twice a year. Check your eyes regularly. Take care of your muscles, joints and bones (especially if you're a gym enthusiast). Consider getting an insurance plan, because most of the time they are a great advantage when you want to make sure everything is up and running correctly with your most precious piece of hardware.


This goes not only for those that diminish your physical capabilities (like smoking or heavily drinking alcohol) but also those that affect your mind (like obsessive or anxiety disorders or stress), as they also can cause problems in your everyday performance. It's possible not to be fully aware of the extent of the damage we cause with our toxic behaviors, but everyone knows exactly the things they do that should actually be avoided. Think about it: What is it that you do that you wish you could stop doing? Be sure to look for professional guidance when addressing these issues to get the best results and overcome them once and for all in a responsible and safe way.


An average adult person requires about 7-8 hours of sleep a day and it's very important to keep an eye on the amount of sleep we get in order to avoid physical problems like strokes or heart attacks. If you have trouble sleeping, create a routine that sets you for proper rest and make sure you stick to it. It's a good idea to avoid the use of electronics once you're on the bed and fight with your life to avoid them if you experience insomnia, as they may just worsen that.


Overall the key in improving your physical welfare is having a set of good habits and keeping them running. Make a list or a plan for your weekly/daily activities and set achievable goals that progress over time. Create a safe environment for you: look for support around you (friends, family, gaming partners or colleagues, for instance). Take notes on how you feel after doing certain activities so you can learn the ones you enjoy the most and why.

And just a quick extra tip: the important thing is to think you're making progress, however small it seems. It's never about being perfect, but to really feel good about yourself and the things you're doing to get to a better place, physically speaking.

Share with our Kosmic Dust community your goals and improvements and don't forget to take a look at our online store, where you'll find great products to assist you on improving your life in every possible way.

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